Apostle Robert Burgess

We are sorry to announce the death of our web site founder and Burning Bush Bible School administrator. Apostle Robert Burgess who passed away on March 25, 2008 at Lome, Togo, while on a missions trip to West Africa . He is also buried in Lome, Togo.
Dimensions of Truth web site is now maintained by Lampstand Communication Australia and features servants of God who were known by Robert. Much of his original content has been preserved and can be found below.

Apostle Robert Burgess will be greatly missed. In the past this web site also  contained the “Great Eagle Ministries Forum” and is where hundreds of truth seekers from around the world came to meet and fellowship. They searched the internet far and wide for spiritual guidance from one who could father and disciple them in the ways of the Kingdom of God. Robert Burgess was God’s Man for the job in that time and season.

Great Eagle Ministries Forum

Great Eagle Ministries Forum

Apostle Robert Burgess

Please find writings of Apostle Robert Burgess below : They are a mixture of articles and excerpts from his life at the Great Eagle Ministries Forum,  a website that was administred and managed by him for the body of Christ for many years.

Apostle Robert Burgess Testimony

I started out as a young boy growing up in a Christian home with parents that loved me very much.

Apostle Robert Burgess

Apostle Robert Burgess

But as young people often do, the love of my parents was not really appreciated then for what it was. My mother always took me to church, and some of it must have worn off, because in later years I found that those things which were taught and the miracles I witnessed in that old “Latter Rain” church got hold of me finally. I spent a few years in the Army where I learned to play guitar and started singing a lot.

When I got out of the service I began playing and singing professionally, where I met a lot of big country music performers and got connected with an agent who booked our group on the road steadily. But I could never feel at home in the bars and nightclubs, and although I really tried to fit in, I could not. Finally, after a few years of this, I settled down and married, and after about two more years I had an experience that was truly life changing.

I was working 6 nights a week at this little club in Anacortes, WA and during the daytime I was doing some work with another fellow in the woods, cutting shake blocks. It was one day, high on a mountainside in the Cascade range, while my friend was cutting cedar snags on the other side of hill, that all at once I heard a voice speaking to me.. I knew I was either going crazy, or else the Lord was speaking to me.. I don’t recall ever hearing his voice before, but it seemed strangely familiar, as if I had heard it before, but couldn’t recall when or where. He told me he wanted me to serve him, to work side by side with him.. I tell you folks, I was scared, because this was not something I had ever experienced before; I literally, audibly, heard His voice and there was no one else within a half a mile of me.

So I began to think about this, “Who in their right mind, I thought would turn down an opportunity to work side by side with the Creator of the whole Universe?” As I began to dwell on this thought, everything around me began to look different, the mountains looked cleaner, the air smelled fresher; even the little birds singing sounded better.

I made up my mind that I would take him up on His offer, so I said to Him, “I will serve you, but Lord, there are so many churches out there, and they all claim to be the right one; and yet they are all totally different from the others, they can’t possibly be all right..” So I said, “Lord I will serve you, but you will have to help me, cause I don’t know what to do.” I didn’t say anything to anyone about it, but went on home that night feeling like God was in control.. About three days later, on a Saturday afternoon a minister came knocking on my door, and I knew the Lord had sent him, because as long as I had lived in that house not even one person had come from any church to visit.. Later on he told me that the Lord had been dealing with him for three straight days to come and see me, but he kept arguing with God about it until he finally broke down and obeyed Him. He was from a little Independent Pentecostal Church just down the road from where we lived.. We knelt together in prayer that day and I accepted Jesus into my heart, and promised to attend church in the morning, which I did.

About a month later I received the “Baptism in the Holy Ghost” and began bringing messages in tongues and Prophesying almost immediately. I began to have visions, and once was “caught up” to the third heaven where I saw Jesus on His beautiful white throne.. These things were so glorious to such a one as me, yet I found that as I tried to share them with others in the church they got mad at me. Was it possible that Christians were subject to the same sins of jealousy as those in the music world that I had just come out of?? I could hardly believe it!!

Then I began to study my Bible and found that it was always so that when God began to move in someone’s life and restore the years the devil had destroyed, that there would be some kind of element around him, either friends, or family, or fellow church members who would try to put him in his place. But God was determined that he was going to do a quick work in me and make up for all the years the enemy had devoured out of my life. To make a long story short, I began preaching and took a seat as Pastor of this little flock after being saved only a little over one year.. Well, needless to say I got some pretty rough treatment from some of the other ministers on the block, and even though the Lord was blessing our efforts by saving souls, and healing the sick, etc., thereby enlarging the church greatly, there was the accusations against me that I was a “Novice,” and shouldn’t be allowed in such an office. Beloved, I have known men who were in the Ministry for many years who were more “Novices” in the things of God than a one year old baby Christian who had an honest heart, and a sincere zeal for the work of the Lord.

Over the next twenty years or so, our work in the Ministry branched out to the Native peoples of the US and Canada where we travelled extensively preaching, teaching, playing the Steel Guitar, and helping plant and establish churches from Oklahoma to Ontario.

Then about ten years ago something happened that nearly devastated me physically, emotionally, financially, and yes, even spiritually.. Let’s just say that the devil never gives up trying to destroy what God has ordained to do in a person’s life. But alongside of that fact, it is equally true that GOD never gives up on what He has ordained to do in an individual..

So where do we go from here?? In 2004 the Lord opened the doors to the mission fields of Africa and since then we have been there three times ministering to the Tribal peoples of seven nations of Africa, and are presently making plans to go again. We are encouraged by the Holy Ghost that there is still a mighty work for us to do in Christ Jesus, and there are still multitudes of souls to be harvested.
God has not called the Ministry to build tall monuments to themselves here on this earth; but he has called us to the building up of the TRUE CHURCH which is His Body, His Bride. Maybe someone reading this feels discouraged, you may think God has forsaken you; but my dear Brother and Sister our God is faithful, and “What He has promised THAT will He DO.” Our adversary, the devil, is working overtime right now to do all he can to thwart the Lord from performing the Glorious work which is nearly finished. We need to come together in a right spirit and pray for one another earnestly that the Body of the Lord would be healed of all infirmities of the flesh and of the spirit.. If you are discouraged, maybe your life has been ruined by some terrible thing, you need to let us know so we can pray for you and encourage your heart until God brings the answer..
The answer is there beloved, it is in Him.

Apostle Robert Burgess
June – 2006

Apostle Robert Burgess

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