Closer Look at Rapture by Bill Britton


In the early 1950’s, God started dealing with Bro Bill Britton concerning the “Rapture of the Church”. He just could not see it the way the traditional churches were teaching it. There were many things that God was showing him in the Scripture that was going against the grain in the denomination. In 1957, Bro Britton shared his vision that the Lord had given him concerning the Body of Christ and the end times. He was not encouraged by the ones he shared this with.

When the Lord told him he was going to have a writing ministry in 1950, he was excited. As the years passed and nothing yet being written, there were times of discouragement, but, he held onto the word of the Lord. In 1959, he wrote his first article, entitled, “The Weaker Vessel”. We sent it out to a mailing list of 500 people. As the Lord continued to deal with him concerning the Rapture he wrote two different tracts in and sent them out. They were “The Sounding of the Trumpets” and “One Shall Be Taken”.

He received much criticism from these two messages and also some encouragement. It seems that when the Lord speaks something to someone He also speaks the same thing to someone else. Later the next year he wrote a tract entitled “Day and Night”. The message seemed to be growing as the years passed and later he wrote another message entitled “Noah’s Ark”. The Scripture says, “As it was in the days of Noah”, a very interesting and thought provoking statement. By this time we were sending out over 3,000 on our mailing list. We started hearing from many people that God was showing the same thing to, but, were afraid to rock the boat.

God had told Bro Britton that he was a battering ram to knock down the walls that were between His people. We began to see many walls break down and more people receiving this “NEW REVELATION”. Not that it was something new, but, a fresh look at what was really being said by Jesus and Paul the Apostle along with the rest of the Scriptures.
As the years continued, we sent out the next message entitled, “The Rapture of the Church, What is it?” By this time we were sending out the messages to over 9,000 people just in the United States. This tract explains where the traditional belief comes from and what the Lord had shown Bro Britton. We hope you enjoy reading these messages compiled into one book. May God bless you and give you the insight of the Holy Spirit.

Closer Look at Rapture by Bill Britton

Closer look at the Rapture by Bill Britton

Closer look at the Rapture by Bill Britton

Closer look at the Rapture by Bill Britton

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  • Michael - February 7, 2011 Reply

    We thanks for your comments, may God continue to open all our eyes to this revelation of truth.

  • Gifton Caesar - September 16, 2010 Reply

    Thanks very much for the expose on the Rapture. Although I grew up in pentecostal church, I have recently been enlightened h by the good news of Salvation – Jesus cares about all of his creation and His desire and purpose is to make manifest His glory in and through us but each in his timing. Honestly the awesomeness of this revelation has been so immense. The rapture issue has been tugging at me for a while to bring doubts – how can we as a people be so blinded for so long? However the explanation of Bill Britton has been so eye opening and consistent with the true God. Thanks very much.

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